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Changling Tomb
Source: Author: Date: 09.07.22

Changling Tomb ?Emperor Yongle's Tomb?ranks the first among the thirteen Ming Mausoleums. Construction of Changling started in 1409 (the third year when Emperor Yongle issued an order to build Beijing Imperial Palace).It is the joint burial mausoleum of Emperor Yongle and his empress. With a history of about 600 years, it has been in good condition and remains resplendent. Because the project was massive and complex, huge amounts of manpower, material resources and financial resources were invested to construct Changling Tomb. It took as long as four years to construct the underground palace alone.

Changling Tomb, built the earliest among the 13 Ming Mausoleums, is the largest and most magnificent as well as the best-preserved one.

Ling'en Hall is the place where the heir emperors offered sacrifices to memorize Emperor Yongle. It is a double-eave structure with hip roof and the ground is paved with golden bricks. Sixty huge pillars and all wooden structural components are made of Jinsi Nanmu (a kind of rare and hard wood), which makes Ling'en Hall antique and unique.The bronze statue of Emperor Yongle, sitting in the throne carved with nine dragons, is extremely lifelike.

Inside the Ling'en Hall, hundreds of pieces of rare jewelry unearthed from the Underground Palace of Dingling are on display; the on-the-spot videotape on excavating the Underground Palace is broadcast. They may shed some new light on the profound mystery of the Underground Palace.