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Yinshan Pagoda Forest
Source: Author: Date: 09.07.22
Located 30 kilometers north of Changping District proper, the Yinshan Pagoda Forest is a site of cultural heritage listed by the State Council for key protection at the national level and an important component part of the Badaling-Ming Tombs Protection Zone of Scenic Spots and Sites of Historic.
The Yinshan Mountains have got its name because of the snow and ice covering it in winter. It is also known as the Iron-wall Silver Hills because of its iron-looking precipices. It was known as one of the eight most beautiful scenic spots in Beijing during the Ming and the Qing dynasties.
The mountains have three peaks thrusting into the clouds. Of the three, the middle peak outstands the other two with an altitude of 726.81 meters above the sea level.
In the Tang Dynasty, some temples including the Huayan Temple were built here. During the years of the reign of Emperor Xianzong of the Tang Dynasty (806-820 A.D.), Deng Yinfeng, a famous monk, practiced Buddhism here. During the years of the reign of Emperor Shouchang of the Liao Dynasty (1095-1101 A.D.), Man Gong, a Zen master, created the Temple of Precious Rock here. Later, three other Zen masters came here to practice and preach Buddhism. During the years of the reign of Emperor Tianhui of the Jin Dynasty (1123-1135 A.D.), Hai Hui (? ?1145 A.D.), a reputed monk of the Yunmen Sect, came and settled down here. In the third year of the reign of Emperor Tianhui, he expanded the temple into a complex of halls arranged in three rows and named it the Great Temple of Perpetual Holiness. Later, five multi-eave brick pagodas were built between the vermilion steps of the halls to hold the sariraof reputed monks of the Jin Dynasty.
In order to enrich the tourist items here, the Ming Tombs Special Zone Administration has been investing nearly RMB 1 million per year since 1998 to build a number of projects here, including a path leading to the top of the middle peak, a sightseeing platform, a lake and a restaurant.
The Yinshan Pagoda Forest has now been listed by the China National Tourism Administration as a 4-A scenic spot and passed ISO9001 and ISO4001 certification for quality and environment management. The Yinshan Pagoda Forest will greet tourists from both home and aboard with high-quality services and heartfelt warmth.