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Notice To Visitors

1、Smoking and lighting fire are strictly prohibited to conserve the cultural relics and prevent fires.
2、The tourists should visit in order. Please don’t crowd so as not to block the entrance and exit of the road.
3、Please take good care of your personal belongings, the aged and the children when visiting.
4、Be care not to skid when raining or snowing and follow the staff members’ directions.
5. Don’t fight or assemble a crowd to make trouble. Superstitious and pornographic activities are prohibited. No gambling. Dangerous articles and animals are forbidden to take into the scenic spot.
6、Don’t crowd during the high tourist flow period. Please visit in order when entering the narrow passage.
7.Nobody is permitted to loiter and sleep inside the scenic area after it’s closed. Don’t cross and destroy the walls and fences.
8.Please protect the cultural relics. Don’t scribble on the trees, cultural relics and public facilities. Don’t climb the tomb walls, fences and Soul Tower, etc.

                     Ming Tombs in Beijing DC office