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The General Sacred Way of the Ming Tombs It's the sacred way of Changling as well.
The Three Tombs--Changling Changling could be considered the original tomb that inspired all the others.
The Three Tombs--Dingling Located at the eastern foot of the Dayu Mountain.
The Three Tombs--Zhaoling Zhaoling is the joint tomb of Zhu Zaihou, the 12th Ming emperor and his three empresses.
The Juyongguan Pass It is the important section of China's 10-thousand-li Great Wall.
The Yinshan Pagoda Forest Located in the eastern part of the Badaling-Ming tombs scenic spots.
Stone carvings gravely modeled,accords with the solemn atmosphere of commemoration of the tombs...
Gold filigree hat Peak production of technology skills to the point where a high degree of technical proficiency.
Coronet with dragons and three phoenixes The crown of the ceremony,more beauty.

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Located at the foot of Tianshou Mountain in Beijing Changping District,the Royal Mausoleum of Ming comprise a complex of mausoleums for 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644
).With a total area of about 80 square kilometers,it is about 50 kilometers away from Beijing.
The Royal Mausoleum of Ming began it's construction in 1409 and was completed more than 200 years later when the Ming Dynasty collapsed in 1644.They comprise thirteen imperial mausoleums,seven tombs for imperial concubines and one for an eunuch. More>>

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